How to book

Great! You can proceed to reserve.

call Monica at +39 349 0848163  or send a mail to to reserve or to ask for an hold reservation (the room will be kept for at most two days).
Them, send the reservation form completed in all its fields (remember you have to list the names of all guests, arrival date, departure date, expected arrival time and your mobile number)
You will receive a confirmation mail with the bank information to send your confirmation payment (30% of total amount). You should make the payment within 5 days from the reservation (upon request, a longer period can be agreed).
Your reservation will be registered at the moment of the confirmation call. In case of delay on the confirmation payment, you will be contacted for reconfirmation. If we can not contact you, the reservation will be canceled.
In case you have to cancel or modify your reservation, please send a mail to or call
0039 349 0848163                                    
Reservation Form