The Restaurant

The restaurant, which is colorful and furnished in a way that recalls the memory of old rural environments, the hearty hospitality and the soft enjoyable music, wrap our guest in a relaxing atmosphere, ideal to enjoy the excellent products that the generous Sardinian land offers.

We welcome our guests with sincere cordiality. All the aspects are followed personally by me (Monica) and by a staff of valid and able collaborators. Together, and with the help of the family, we commit  to offer a pleasant evening to our guests and to teach the gallurese to relax and the genuine tradition.

Agrisole's Menu

The typical Sardinian dinner, famous for the goodness and the abundance of dishes offered, is the perfect opportunity to taste sardinian flavors.

At our restaurant you can try a rich variety of typical Sardinian home-made food produced on our farm, prepared in the traditional way: from delicate appetizers of fresh vegetables to tasty salami and cheeses, from delicious home-made pasta dishes to the mouth-watering oven-baked "porcetto" (baby pig) roasted.
Our menu includes both Sardinian and Gallura cookery dishes, that are served to our guests in the restaurant during the "typical Sardinian dinner" (Sardinian specialties). The products we offer are carefully selected, because we want to guarantee the best quality of foods served to our guests.

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 Antipasto salumi
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La "mazzafrissa"
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Insalata di Formaggi sardi

Zucchine in Agrodolce

Polenta in salsa

Fregola all'Olio di Lentischio
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Gnocchi sardi di pasta fresca
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Ravioli Galluresi

Zuppa Gallurese
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"Porcetto" arrosto con contorno di insalata
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Crema di ricotta con confettura di mirto e mela

Liquore di mirto della casa

To finish-off your meal, creamy ricotta cheese with Mirto confiture. A good coffee and a wide variety of home-made liqueurs (including mirto, goat-milk mirto cream, and "filu e ferru") round-off your Sardinian banquet in style.


Antipasto Misto Salumi della Casa (videoricetta)
Insalata di Zucchine e Carote con Pecorino e Ricotta Affumicata
Fregola all'Olio di Lentischio
Altri Antipasti del Giorno
Malloreddus alla Campidanese
(Gnocchetti sardi)
Zuppa Gallurese
Porceddu arrosto
con Contorno di Insalata
Dolce del giorno (nella foto: Ricotta alla Marmellata di Mirto) 
Caffè e
Liquore di Mirto 
Pane, Acqua, ¼ di Vino

Digestivo Extra: 1 € ciascun bicchierino

Vino Extra: 3 € per 1/2 litro - 6 € per 1 litro

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The cost of the menu is 40 euro per person (adults) and 20 euro for children up to 10 years.
Are included: bread, water, 1/4 of wine, coffee, one liqueur.
* We specifies that the menu is pre-established and can not be divided between the guests: one menu per person.
* The menu may vary according to availability and seasonal products.

Restaurant opens from April to October
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  +39 349.0848163   Monica
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