Dear friends,

we all trust Tripadvisor to choose the "correct spot" whether to be able to spend a beautiful evening or a relaxing vacation.

The site is very valid because it allows to have an idea of the good receptive offers or enogastronomica of one determined zone, even if we must watch out because at times, behind a critique, you could hide a person or worse an organization of people that aims to condition us in deceitful way with lies or "built truth" to cheat you.

As it regards us, apart some negative experience for critiques that results to be referable to activity to our competition (with documents on hand anyone who wants to see them), we are very satisfied and sincerely thankful to who dedicates part of their own precious time to express a judgment towards our work.

We listen with a lot of attention to the criticisms because they stimulate us to improve our offers and we welcome with immense gratitude the numerous thoughts of respect and appreciation that are left from who recognizes the quality, the work and the passion that we devote to our work.
To all the reviewers, positive and negative...A  5 star embrace! :-)


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